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DVD to iPad Converter for Mac is specially designed for Mac users to convert encrypted or homemade DVDs to iPad on Mac. It also converts DVDs to iPad video and audio on your Mac directly. The default presets are the optimized settings for iPad with best video quality and sound effect, making the most of your iPad's big screen and HD feature.DVD to iPad Converter for Mac is perfectly compatible with Mac OS X Snow Leopard.
Key Features:
Convert DVD to iPad Video and Audio
1. Rip commercial DVD movies to iPad friendly format (H.264, MPEG-4, MP4, and M4V) so that you can take your favorite movies on the go.
2. Convert homemade DVDs or VIDEO-TS folder files for viewing on your iPad, anytime and anywhere.
3. Extract DVD audio to M4A, MP3, AAC for playback on your iPad.
4. Capture your favorite scene from video and save in BMP, JPG image format.
Edit Functions
1. Crop black borders of DVD movies and watch it in full screen on your iPad.
2. Trim DVD movies to get video or audio clips, sa…

Fauna: Toche ave

Toche. m. Colombia y Venezuela Pájaro de la familia de los Ictéridos, de unos 23 cm de longitud, con lomo, vientre y parte superior de la cabeza de color amarillo dorado, y cola, alas y cara de color negro.
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